Lecture notes for ECE 510/410 Integrated Circuit Physical Design, Spring 2010


May 10 final exam from 6 to 8 PM

May 5 lec26_ece5410.pdf and lec26_ece5410_video  review for the final

May 3 lec25_ece5410.pdf and lec25_ece5410_video  charge pump circuits

April 28 lec24_ece5410.pdf and lec24_ece5410_video  clocked circuits, arbiters, edge-triggered DFFs

April 26 lec23_ece5410.pdf and lec23_ece5410_video  project help, continue with complex CMOS logic

April 21 lec22_ece5410.pdf and lec22_ece5410_video  static logic gates, complex CMOS logic

April 19 Midterm2

April 14 lec21_ece5410.pdf and lec21_ece5410_video  discuss thermometer decoder, review for the exam

April 12 lec20_ece5410.pdf and lec20_ece5410_video  wrap-up Ch. 11, discuss projects

April 7 lec19_ece5410.pdf and lec19_ece5410_video  buffer design, other inverter configurations

April 5 lec18_ece5410.pdf and lec18_ece5410_video  inverter delay calculations, ring oscillator

March 29 and 31 Spring break from instruction

March 24 lec17_ece5410.pdf and lec17_ece5410_video  the inverter, switching point and operation

March 22 lec16_ece5410.pdf and lec16_ece5410_video  delay calculations, the MOSFET as a pass gate

March 17 lec15_ece5410.pdf and lec15_ece5410_video  models for digital design, Miller capacitance

March 15 lec14_ece5410.pdf and lec14_ece5410_video  subthreshold slope, short channel MOSFETs

March 10 lec13_ece5410.pdf and lec13_ece5410_video  IV characteristics of MOSFETs

March 8 lec12_ece5410.pdf and lec12_ece5410_video  MOSFET threshold voltage derivation

March 1 Midterm1

February 26 lec11_ece5410.pdf and lec11_ece5410_video  Review for the exam

February 24 lec10_ece5410.pdf and lec10_ece5410_video  NRD and NRS, MOSFET capacitances

February 22 lec9_ece5410.pdf and lec9_ece5410_video  resistor temp and voltage coefficient, common-centroid techniques

February 17 lec8_ece5410.pdf and lec8_ece5410_video layout review, various resistors and MOSFETs

February 10 lec7_ece5410.pdf and lec7_ece5410_video  polysilicon, MOSFET formation, lateral diffusion, oxide encroachment

February 8 lec6_ece5410.pdf and lec6_ece5410_video  active and select layers, n+ and p+ resistors

February 3 lec5_ece5410.pdf and lec5_ece5410_video  metal layer parasitic resistance and capacitance, electromigration, and sizing metal layers

February 1 lec4_ece5410.pdf and lec4_ece5410_video  diode small-signal resistance, transit time, start the metal layers

January 27 lec3_ece5410.pdf and lec3_ece5410_video  depletion and diffusion capacitance, reverse-recovery time, RC delay through n-well resistor

January 25 lec2_ece5410.pdf and lec2_ece5410_video the n-well, sheet resistance, laying out an n-well resistor, pn-junction

January 20 lec1_ece5410.pdf and lec1_ece5410_video course introduction, CMOS chip fabrication, using the tools