Lecture notes for ECE 518/418 Memory Circuit Design, Spring 2010


May 12 final exam from 6 to 8 PM

May 5 proj5.pdf proj5 (synchronous mirror delays in SDRAM instead of a DLL) and proj6.pdf proj6 (survey of the literature discussing delay elements)

May 3 proj3.pdf proj3 (design of all digital DLLs for use in SDRAM) and proj4.pdf proj4 (use of an over-damped PLL in place of DLL in SDRAM)

April 28 proj1.pdf proj1 (Design of charge-pump DLLs for use in SDRAM) and proj2.pdf proj2 (The use of self-biasing in the design of PLLs and DLLs)

April 26 lec22_ece5418.pdf and lec22_ece5418_video finish up Ch. 19 on digital phase-locked loops

April 21 lec21_ece5418.pdf and lec21_ece5418_video delay-lock loops, digital and analog

April 19 lec20_ece5418.pdf and lec20_ece5418_video system considerations, the Hogge PD for clock and data recovery

April 14 guest lecture covering cooperative error control for heterogeneous nanoscale networks-on-chip

April 12 lec19_ece5418.pdf and lec19_ece5418_video PLL design examples, discussions

April 7 lec18_ece5418.pdf and lec18_ece5418_video loop filters and voltage-controlled oscillators

April 5 lec17_ece5418.pdf and lec17_ece5418_video start PLLs, phase detector operation and characteristics

March 29 and 31 Spring break from instruction

March 24 lec16_ece5418.pdf and lec16_ece5418_video more charge pumps, advanced (4-phase) topologies, finish Ch. 18

March 22 lec15_ece5418.pdf and lec15_ece5418_video self-biased input buffers, DC restore circuits, start charge pumps (voltage generators)

March 17 lec14_ece5418.pdf and lec14_ece5418_video Schmitt triggers, input buffers

March 15 Midterm exam

March 10 lec13_ece5418.pdf and lec13_ece5418_video finish up Ch. 17, review for the exam

March 8 lec12_ece5418.pdf and lec12_ece5418_video DSM for CMOS imagers

March 1 guest lecture covering the use of proximity communication in memory

February 26 lec11_ece5418.pdf and lec11_ece5418_video finish resistive memory sensing, start CMOS imagers

February 24 lec10_ece5418.pdf and lec10_ece5418_video DSM for sensing Flash and resistive memory elements

February 22 lec9_ece5418.pdf and lec9_ece5418_video start sensing using delta-sigma modulation, DSM

February 17 lec8_ece5418.pdf and lec8_ece5418_video more detailed coverage of Flash memory operation

February 10 lec7_ece5418.pdf and lec7_ece5418_video SRAM and Flash memory cells

February 8 lec6_ece5418.pdf and lec6_ece5418_video DRAM organization continued, column/row decoders, row drivers

February 3 lec5_ece5418.pdf and lec5_ece5418_video sense amps continued, DRAM organization

February 1 lec4_ece5418.pdf and lec4_ece5418_video design of sense amps (clocked comparators)

January 27 lec3_ece5418.pdf and lec3_ece5418_video continue with reading/writing operation of DRAM, sense-amp design

January 25 lec2_ece5418.pdf and lec2_ece5418_video sense-amp circuit design, open and folded arrays, DRAM sensing

January 20 lec1_ece5418.pdf and lec1_ece5418_video course introduction, using the tools, array architectures in Ch. 16