Lecture notes for ECE 614 Advanced Analog IC Design, Fall 2011


December 8  help with projects

December 6  lec27_ece614.pdf and lec27_ece614_video  continue op-amp design from Ch. 26 in nanometer CMOS

December 4  lec26_ece614.pdf and lec26_ece614_video  op-amp design for mixed-signal circuits, switched-capacitor CMFB

November 29  lec25_ece614.pdf and lec25_ece614_video  begin Ch. 26, Op-Amps II, biasing for power and speed, diff-amps and CMFB

November 17  lec24_ece614.pdf and lec24_ece614_video  capacitor error averaging, multi-phase non-overlapping clock generation

November 15  lec23_ece614.pdf and lec23_ece614_video  the pipeline ADC, using 1.5 bits/stage

November 10  lec22_ece614.pdf and lec22_ece614_video  bottom-plate sampling, start Sec. 30.3 implementing ADCs, the S/H and Cyclic (algorithmic) converter

November 8  lec21_ece614.pdf and lec21_ece614_video  segmentation, calibrating DAC offsets and gains, topologies without an op-amp, op-amps in data converters

November 1  lec20_ece614.pdf and lec20_ece614_video  start Ch. 30, implementing data converters; discuss implementing R-2R converters

October 27  lec19_ece614.pdf and lec19_ece614_video  pipeline, integrating, successive approximation (charge redistribution) ADCs

October 25  lec18_ece614.pdf and lec18_ece614_video  cyclic and pipeline DACs, ADC architectures including flash and two step

October 20  lec17_ece614.pdf and lec17_ece614_video  DAC architectures: resistor string, R-2R, and current steering topologies

October 18 Midterm exam covering Chs. 31, 8, and 28

October 13  lec16_ece614.pdf and lec16_ece614_video  review for the exam

October 11  lec15_ece614.pdf and lec15_ece614_video  finish-up data converter fundamentals

October 6  lec14_ece614.pdf and lec14_ece614_video  data converter fundamentals, Ch. 28

October 4  lec13_ece614.pdf and lec13_ece614_video  wrap-up noise

September 29  lec12_ece614.pdf and lec12_ece614_video  flicker noise, random telegraph signal noise (RTS), noise and feedback, op-amp noise modeling

September 27  lec11_ece614.pdf and lec11_ece614_video  do examples from homework assignment

September 22  lec10_ece614.pdf and lec10_ece614_video  averaging white noise, shot noise, introduction to flicker noise

September 20  lec9_ece614.pdf and lec9_ece614_video  noise equivalent bandwidth, kT/C noise, signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), noise figure (NF)

September 15  lec8_ece614.pdf and lec8_ece614_video  introduction to electrical noise, noise measurements, thermal noise, simulating MOSFET noise

September 13  lec7_ece614.pdf and lec7_ece614_video  stability, return ratio, design examples, finish-up Ch. 31

September 6  lec6_ece614.pdf and lec6_ece614_video  finish up feedback amp topologies by covering transconductance (series-series) and current (shunt-series) amplifiers

September 2  lec5_ece614.pdf and lec5_ece614_video  analysis of shunt-shunt amplifiers, using a simple gate-drain feedback resistor and common-source amplifier

September 1  lec4_ece614.pdf and lec4_ece614_video  finish series-shunt amplifiers, start transimpedance amplifiers (aka TIAs, transresistance, or shunt-shunt amplifiers)

August 30  lec3_ece614.pdf and lec3_ece614_video  feedback topologies, calculating open- and closed-loop parameters, series-shunt feedback amplifiers

August 25  lec2_ece614.pdf and lec2_ece614_video  bandwidth extension, input and output impedance control, input/output mixing

August 23  lec1_ece614.pdf and lec1_ece614_video  course introduction, feedback basics (Ch. 31), op-amps used in series- and shunt-shunt configurations