Lecture notes for ECE 614 Advanced Analog IC Design, Spring 2008


May 7 lec26_ece614.pdf and lec26_ece614_video integrating ADCs and charge-scaling DACs

May 5 lec25_ece614.pdf and lec25_ece614_video folding and delta-sigma ADCs

April 30 lec24_ece614.pdf and lec24_ece614_video W-2W DACs and the design of crystal oscillators

April 28 lec23_ece614.pdf and lec23_ece614_video SAR and pipeline ADCs

April 23 lec22_ece614.pdf and lec22_ece614_video delta-sigma sensing circuits, extracting parasitics using CAD tools

April 21 lec21_ece614.pdf and lec21_ece614_video matching and offsets in data converters

April 16 lec20_ece614.pdf and lec20_ece614_video flash ADCs, op-amps in data converters

April 14 lec19_ece614.pdf and lec19_ece614_video R-2R DACs, segmentation

April 9 lec18_ece614.pdf and lec18_ece614_video data converter fundamentals, Nyquist-rate, S/H characteristics, aliasing, INL and DNL

April 7 lec17_ece614.pdf and lec17_ece614_video clocked comparator design, adaptive circuits, and multipliers

April 2 lec16_ece614.pdf and lec16_ece614_video more comparator design, hysteresis

March 31 lec15_ece614.pdf and lec15_ece614_video comparator design, assign project 2

March 24 and 26 spring break from instruction

March 19 midterm exam

March 17 lec14_ece614.pdf and lec14_ece614_video finish fully-differential op-amp design 

March 12 lec13_ece614.pdf and lec13_ece614_video continue with fully-differential op-amp design 

March 5 lec12_ece614.pdf and lec12_ece614_video op-amp design for fully-differential topologies

March 3 lec11_ece614.pdf and lec11_ece614_video start Ch. 26, biasing for power and speed, CMFB

February 27 lec10_ece614.pdf and lec10_ece614_video switched-capacitor circuits, offset storage

February 25 lec9_ece614.pdf and lec9_ece614_video Sample-and-hold (S/H), fully-differential topologies

February 20 lec8_ece614.pdf and lec8_ece614_video more project discussions, start Ch. 25

February 13 lec7_ece614.pdf and lec7_ece614_video amplifier noise, finish noise topics

February 11 lec6_ece614.pdf and lec6_ece614_video discuss project 1, MOSFET noise

February 6 lec5_ece614.pdf and lec5_ece614_video noise discussions and examples

February 4 lec4_ece614.pdf and lec4_ece614_video shot and flicker noise, discuss projects

January 30 lec3_ece614.pdf and lec3_ece614_video more SNR discussions and noise figure

January 28 lec2_ece614.pdf and lec2_ece614_video input-referred noise, SNR, noise calculations

January 23 lec1_ece614.pdf and lec1_ece614_video course introduction, start noise analysis discussion