Lecture notes for ECE 615 CMOS Mixed-Signal IC Design, Fall 2010


December 13 Course projects due!!!

December 8  lec28_ece615.pdf and lec28_ece615_video  bandpass modulators

December 6 lec27_ece615.pdf and lec27_ece615_video  error feedback and cascaded modulators

November 29  lec26_ece615.pdf and lec26_ece615_video  integrator gains, higher-order and multi-bit modulators

November 22 and 24 Thanksgiving break from instruction

November 17 lec25_ece615.pdf and lec25_ece615_video  discuss projects and Matlab code

November 15  lec24_ece615.pdf and lec24_ece615_video  second-order noise-shaping, Sec. 7.2

November 10 lec23_ece615.pdf and lec23_ece615_video  continue with first-order noise-shaping using switched-capacitors

November 8  lec22_ece615.pdf and lec22_ece615_video  review of SNR calculations for HW# 9, intro to first-order noise-shaping

November 3 lec21_ece615.pdf and lec21_ece615_video  course projects discussion, improving SNR using K paths

November 1  lec20_ece615.pdf and lec20_ece615_video  improving data converter SNR and linearity

October 27 lec19_ece615.pdf and lec19_ece615_video  passive noise-shaping

October 25  lec18_ece615.pdf and lec18_ece615_video  improving SNR using averaging and feedback

October 20 lec17_ece615.pdf and lec17_ece615_video  data converter SNR, clock jitter

October 18  lec16_ece615.pdf and lec16_ece615_video  quantization noise

October 13 lec15_ece615.pdf and lec15_ece615_video  decimating using Sinc filters, filtering topologies, bilinear and biquad digital filters

October 11  lec14_ece615.pdf and lec14_ece615_video  talk about projects

October 6 lec13_ece615.pdf and lec13_ece615_video  bandpass/highpass Sinc filters, interpolating using Sinc filters

October 4  lec12_ece615.pdf and lec12_ece615_video  Sinc-shaped digital filters, a counter and lowpass filters

September 29 lec11_ece615.pdf and lec11_ece615_video  start Ch. 4, ideal ADCs and DACs, adding/subtracting for implementing filters

September 27  lec10_ece615.pdf and lec10_ece615_video  biquad analog filtering topologies, finish up Ch. 3

September 22 lec9_ece615.pdf and lec9_ece615_video  bilinear and biquad analog filters

September 20  lec8_ece615.pdf and lec8_ece615_video  analog filters, integrator building blocks

September 15 lec7_ece615.pdf and lec7_ece615_video  S/H with gain, discrete-analog integrators (DAIs)

September 13  lec6_ece615.pdf and lec6_ece615_video  circuits for implementing S/Hs

September 8 lec5_ece615.pdf and lec5_ece615_video  interpolation and K-path sampling

September 1  lec4_ece615.pdf and lec4_ece615_video  sample-and-hold and track-and-hold

August 30  lec3_ece615.pdf and lec3_ece615_video  finish Ch. 1 and then start Ch. 2 on sampling and aliasing, impulse sampling, decimation

August 25  lec2_ece615.pdf and lec2_ece615_video  digital comb filter, the z-plane, some simple digital filters

August 23  lec1_ece615.pdf and lec1_ece615_video  course introduction, Ch. 1, signals and filters