Lecture notes for ECE 615 CMOS Mixed-Signal IC Design, Spring 2009


May 6 wrap-up course, review on-line problem solutions.

May 4 lec27_ece615.pdf and lec27_ece615_video continue KD1S, second-order KD1S

April 29 lec26_ece615.pdf and lec26_ece615_video high-speed data conversion using the KD1S

April 27 lec25_ece615.pdf and lec25_ece615_video more bandpass converters

April 22 lec24_ece615.pdf and lec24_ece615_video start bandpass data converters

April 20 lec23_ece615.pdf and lec23_ece615_video quiz, talk about radio receivers

April 15 lec22_ece615.pdf and lec22_ece615_video MASH topologies, review Ch. 7

April 13 lec21_ece615.pdf and lec21_ece615_video noise-shaping topologies, higher-order, multi-bit, error feedback

April 8 lec20_ece615.pdf and lec20_ece615_video second-order noise-shaping, the work-horse of delta-sigma data converters

April 6 lec19_ece615.pdf and lec19_ece615_video limitations due to the op-amps and comparators in first-order modulators

April 1 lec18_ece615.pdf and lec18_ece615_video start Ch. 7 noise-shaping data converters

March 30 lec17_ece615.pdf and lec17_ece615_video discuss projects (if needed), wrap up Ch. 6

March 23 and 25 Spring break from instruction

March 18 lec16_ece615.pdf and lec16_ece615_video discuss projects

March 16 lec15_ece615.pdf and lec15_ece615_video basic data converters

March 13 (extra) lec4_extra_ece615.pdf and lec4_extra_ece615_video discrete-time integrators, wrap up Ch. 3

March 12 (extra) lec3_extra_ece615.pdf and lec3_extra_ece615_video analog filters, op-amp gain, MOSFET-C, transconductor-C

March 11 lec14_ece615.pdf and lec14_ece615_video data conversion design basics, passive noise-shaping

March 9 lec13_ece615.pdf and lec13_ece615_video improving SNR using averaging and feedback

March 6 (extra) lec2_extra_ece615.pdf and lec2_extra_ece615_video Sec. 4.3, digital filtering topologies

March 5 (extra) lec1_extra_ece615.pdf and lec1_extra_ece615_video analog filters, integrator building blocks, bilinear and biquadratic filters

March 4 lec12_ece615.pdf and lec12_ece615_video clock jitter and its effects on SNR

March 2 lec11_ece615.pdf and lec11_ece615_video quantization noise as a random variable, spectral density, SNR, SNDR, DR

February 25 lec10_ece615.pdf and lec10_ece615_video quantization noise

February 23 lec9_ece615.pdf and lec9_ece615_video interpolation and decimation using Sinc filters

February 18 lec8_ece615.pdf and lec8_ece615_video sinc-shaped digital filters, Sec. 4.2

February 13 lec7_ece615.pdf and lec7_ece615_video circuit implementations of the S/H and the discrete-analog integrator (DAI)

February 6 lec6_ece615.pdf and lec6_ece615_video Interpolation and decimation in mixed-signal circuits

February 4 lec5_ece615.pdf and lec5_ece615_video start Ch. 2, sampling, aliasing, reconstruction

February 2 lec4_ece615.pdf and lec4_ece615_video comb filters, integrators, differentiators, finish Ch. 1

January 28 lec3_ece615.pdf and lec3_ece615_video number systems, resonators, simulating some simple digital building blocks

January 26 lec2_ece615.pdf and lec2_ece615_video comb filters, differentiators, integrators, and the z-plane, Sec. 1.2

January 21 lec1_ece615.pdf and lec1_ece615_video course introduction, review of basic sinusoids and their representations, Sec. 1.1